Anime Rap Battles: Lelouch (Code Geass) VS. L (Death Note)


Anime Rap Battles: Lelouch (Code Geass) VS. L (Death Note)
It’s the battle of the geniuses.

//// CREDITS ////

Created, directed, edited and co-written by The Anime Man

Co-written and co-directed by OGChan

Audio Director and Audio Mixing by ZacStickers

Samples based off:
– L’s theme (Death Note OST)
– Code Geass OST

Inspired by The Epic Rap Battles of History.

//// LYRICS ////

[ L (OGChan) ]
Hi. I am L.
I excel at solving crimes because I take the
time to think out the riddle rhyme
that’ll put your fake wannabe eye powers in a shrine.
You can take control of minds?
Ok, then try mine.
The only thing that could touch me were the shinigami eyes
and yours are nothing but a baby version, you swine.
So how about you, drop this “hero” act, the real fact on why they call you “Zero” is because you are a simple sadistic aristocrat.
You little brat.
And they call YOU a genius?
The last time I checked, a genius could actually prevent their loved ones from getting utterly rekt…
Like your mother.

[ Lelouch (The Anime Man) ]
I could’ve spent more time pwning royals at chess
But looks like I gotta prove to you that I’m the best
You wanna fight little emo? Be my guest!
I fought till the end until I got a knife in my chest
But my legacy lived on, my name strikes fear
While you were just an excuse to introduce Near
Stop being so weird and pretentious, you shmuck
Cause even Nunally can see you actually suck
There’s no stopping me, I’m an anomaly
While you’re just sitting and staring like you just got a lobotomy
So come at me, the lead strategist of the Black Knights
I grip tight at the trigger, I’m a natural winner
Absolute authority is my middle name
When I whip my Geass out and tell you to go insane
My war strategies are flawless
I’m fighting for my freedom, call me William Wallace
My mission is simple, and that’s to bring the people
Civil obedience and freedom for all to intermingle
And I’m the symbol; turn my Knightmares to dreams
To end this corrupt government by all means
You were playing with death? Well I was born in it
I regretted the day that I was born as a Brit
And hey, even though my father was kind of a dictator
At least I wasn’t killed by a piece of paper
To me the battlefield is nothing but a chessboard
Slicing through the enemy like a sharp sword
I’m so bored of your story all you do is yadda
yadda get some action in their for once, dear lord
And while you and your boys were busting your balls
To look for the culprit who was under your nose
We were out sweeping the streets for any lynch mobs
Cause unlike you, I actually finish the job

[ L (OGChan) ]
You’re a prince?
That rhyme was more like a rinse, and repeat.
I’ll have you at your feet, crying in defeat, I think you forget that L comes before Z.
I am the best, I will put you to rest without putting a single whole in your chest,
my tests are immaculate and known to cause a fit, I’ll pop your brain like an ingrown cyst. so I recommend this,
how about you take all of Brittania and shove it up your Geass
and then take another class of that adolescent Ashford detective wannabe academy,
your whole prophecy is based off of me, the real prodigy, your name starts with “L” but I’m the real OG.
But don’t worry,
I’ll take my time and write your name in my Death Note,
what was that… L..E…

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