DEATH NOTE: Dawn of a New World | LORE in a Minute! | Kira vs. L | Anime Backstory | Mike Bow | LORE


DEATH NOTE: Dawn of a New World | LORE in a Minute! | Kira vs. L | Anime Backstory | Mike Bow | LORE
Mike Bow tracks the history of the Death Note all the way from the Shinigami Realm to its new home in Light Yagami’s hands! Yes, we did think about cutting this episode off after 40 seconds, but we didn’t want to give you a heart attack.
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Written by Gainesaurus:

Animated by Oryozema

Voiced by Mike Bow:


From the other-worldly dimension known as the Shinigami Realm, the Shinigami have watched humanity, their Shinigami eyes revealing any person’s name and remaining lifespan. The King of Death gave each of the Shinigami a Death Note, a notebook that grants them the ability to kill any human and extend their own lifespan by writing his or her name in it. A Shinigami can only die if they go long periods without writing names or use their Death Note to save a human’s life. But while some Shinigami gambled to pass the time, Ryuk grew bored and stole Sidoh’s Death Note.

Back on Earth, a famous inventor named Watari founded Wammy’s House, an orphanage for gifted children. His most gifted student, known only as “L”, became the world’s most famous detective. Though reclusive, he solved the world’s most bizarre cases. But while L embraced the justice system, brilliant Japanese student Light Yagami grew cynical of the world’s revolving door justice, which he believed failed to punish criminals for their crimes. This caught Ryuk’s attention.

Inscribing his stolen Death Note with a list of rules, Ryuk just dropped it into Light Yagami’s calculating hands. Able to kill with the written word, Light hopes to show the world true justice. But will his police chief father or the world-famous L discover his identity before he can rid the world of evil men and become its new god?

Have fun!

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