Death Note – Episode 6 – Reaction and Thoughts


Death Note – Episode 6 – Reaction and Thoughts
Woah…. we finally get to see L and he’s…. different. My reaction to Episode 6 of Death Note is here and this was an awesome episode!

So we finally get to see L. His eyes, his demeanor, his intellect.. it’s so different from the rest. If the police had any doubts of him being L before, well, there ain’t any now. He gave them piece of his mind and they were floored. So was I…

But the real surprise was Maki – Late Ray’s fiance. And my god can she come of with some theories that turn out to right! She was so right with in fact that even Ryuk was appreciative. Light, on the other hand, was visibly shaken.

And to be honest, so was I. I mean… she’s basically closer to exposing Light than even L! God!

Her only mistake.. she revealed her name and her face… I don’t know how long Light will let her live. It’s… very intriguing now.

Can’t wait for Episode 7!

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