Death Note- Light’s Return/Theme EXTENDED


Death Note- Light’s Return/Theme EXTENDED
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Sooo I heard people wanted some more extended themes so I’m starting with Light’s Theme.

3rd Pic-


…Yes… yes I do know that Yagami is spelt YagAmi… and yes… yes I do realise that the first wallpaper says YagUmi… 🙂 I’ve annotated it so don’t yall get all confused on me now.

Ok so I’ve been reading through a lot of the comments about who thinks who was in the wrong etc, and so I’ve decided to put my two cents at the behest of absolutely no one heh.

In relation to if whether or not the world would have been a better place should Light have won in the end? It’s sad to say this, but I don’t think it would have. Light’s sense of justice was tainted and his sight of the bigger picture was warped the second he wrote down that first name. He believed killing off criminals would be the sure-fire way of making a Utopia. But even if he had beaten Near and was free to rule the world under pen and ink, he would have begun to figure out how impossible his mission was.

He was essentially trying to bend human nature. He was trying to instill fear into people (yes not just criminals, but innocents too), to prevent them from committing crime. But this would never work. Every human being has maliciousness in their hearts, there are just some who act on that maliciousness more than others. What Light failed to realise was that he was trying to erase a basic human trait, hard-wired into people since the dawn of man. If he had taken the time to sit back and look at it from a neutral perspective, he would have seen this very same maliciousness in his own eyes, his own soul.

Without even realising it Light began functioning on the very trait he was trying to erase. He lied to himself saying it was for justice, for the innocents, for the world, but in the end it was for himself. He wanted to break away from the ordinary life that was handed to him at birth. He wanted people to know what he was capable of. He wanted to prove to himself what he was capable of; capable of becoming a God. And that is when Light Yagami, the exceptional teenager with a bright future in law enforcement, ceased to exist. Kira took hold of his soul and thrust his own sense of justice on to the boy, weaving it into his foundation beliefs until they were barely recognisable.

Sure the justice system is not perfect, but it is human. And just as humans are flawed, so too is the justice Light so vehemontly clung to. The Death Note is not a blessing, the Death Note could never bring about a Utopia. If Light had won, it would have only created a society of skittish, suspicious, de-sensitised people. Death would be a normal thing to see in the streets, people would barely even bat an eyelash as someone clutched at their chest and collapsed. When Light eventually passed on (because contrary to his goals, he was not an immortal God) and Ryuk took back the Death Note to the Shinigami Realm, the damage could be irreversible. What if people continued on with Kira’s judgement and warped it even further, as is human nature to do? What if the police became public executioners to whoever dared to commit even the smallest of crimes? And there would still be crimes, regardless of the fear. Even the harmless crimes, like pickpockets or litterers, would be shot in cold blood and no one would even care. A far cry from the ‘Utopia’ one young man decided he could create.

If it’s one thing that learnt from Death Note is that death does not end death. It does not end suffering. It is not a magical cure-all for all the world’s problems. And that is where Light Yagami ultimately failed.