Death Note: The Musical Korean Vers. ENGLISH Subbed Full Footage Supercut & Enhanced Audio


Death Note: The Musical Korean Vers. ENGLISH Subbed Full Footage Supercut & Enhanced Audio
Seeing how the Japanese production has two separate translations, one by Sinnesspiel and the other by The Songs of Death Note The Musical on Tumblr, I thought it was high time the Korean footage was subbed in English.

Note: This is most of the show, not the entire thing. Since the people who recorded the whole thing have not yet replied to my attempts to contact them, all I could do was do a supercut of all present footage we have. The end result is a 1 hr 30 mins supercut of a 2 hr 15 min show.

There are several things I want to address about it.

Concerning the audio and footage: The original bootlegs had very inadequate audio quality. As a result, I’ve tried my very best to improve the audio quality for as much of the footage as I can. I did this by replacing the original audio with the audio of other better recordings (Mostly from the full 150706 audio recording; But also other places). I avoided using the MVs because the professionalism of those recordings might cause some dissonance. In any case, the result is mixed but (I think) mostly good. There are some parts where the audio doesn’t really sync up with the lip movements (Especially in the dialogue portions in the middle of some songs) but most of it does. The songs with the worst lip sync are probably Cruel Dream and Secrets and Lies (Dialogue portion only). The upside is that you get better audio. There are certain sections that I did not edit anything audiowise because I could not get the audio to sync at all, namely: All the dialogue (That are not contained within a song section), Where is the Justice, Ready or Not, The Game Begins and Death Note Reprise 2.
One more issue is that, unfortunately, some of the footage we have now focus extensively on only Junsu. Now, I like Junsu’s performance, but this focus on Junsu has led to the camera neglecting the other actors in certain parts. But if you can get past that, the other actors do get quite a good amount of screentime when Junsu is not on stage.
The only footage I kind of regret using is probably the dialogue scene after the tennis match, where I accidentally used a footage with an annoying black rectangular at the bottom blocking part of the screen. It was too late to use another footage without the black rectangular when I discovered this. There are also two sections where there are large Korean subtitles at the bottom, which may be abit annoying.

In hindsight, I have a better sounding version of Where is the Justice Reprise I should have used instead, but the current one isn’t too shabby.

Also, personally for me, for some parts where people sing over one another with different lines, the subtitle change becomes very hectic and moves around quickly, which may cause the viewer’s attention to be distracted from the actual performance.

On the translation/sub: I don’t know Korean. However, I know Chinese, Japanese, a bit of Spanish as well as how to use a translator. So, my translation is based on these languages’ translation of Korean. Also, especially for parts where there are no translation in other languages and where the translator is incredibly vague, I have taken inspiration from other English translations. (And the translator *can* get vague: It translated “unpredictable battle of wits” word for word quite literally into “unpredictable brain game”). However, I avoided copying directly and come up with my own version and I think I mostly succeeded. However, if someone who did an English translation is reading this and feel that I copied your sub in a certain place, please let me know and I’ll try to change it. But please do keep in mind that certain similarities may be coincidences; There are only so many ways one can phrase the same sentence. The song I had the most trouble with was Requiem. It should be noted that I did take some creative liberties on a few occasion when the Korean language structure doesn’t mesh well with the English, but these instances are few and far between.

In any case, I think that my translations are mostly accurate.

No doubt those that have stronger translating ethics than me disapprove of my attempting to create a sub without knowing the language. However do bear in mind that nobody else, at least not to my knowledge, has ever bothered to English sub all the Korean footage that we have, only certain songs or segments. In any case, I tried my best and I hope people enjoy the video.
If you do know Korean and would like to correct my translation (If there are mistakes), please feel free to do so.

Conclusions: This will probably be my last video in quite some time (I make no promises) due to some matter (Don’t worry, its not the law, I’m no criminal hehe). Hopefully, the next time I’m back, there will be more bootleg footage or maybe even a professionally recorded version. Keeping my fingers crossed.