I AM KIRA || Death Note


I AM KIRA || Death Note
|-WATCH IN 1080p-|

Todaaaayy is my 5 years anniversary and to celebrate that I decided to edit something with the very first anime I ever watched, Death Note :’) I’ve been wanting to do smth with this anime since forever but never got around to. I was really inspired by XHitajumos video with a similar concept and i looovedddd ittttt :’)

Anyways, I appreciate all of you so much :’) Doesn’t matter if you found my channel yesterday or 3 years ago, it really does make me happy that you guys keep watching my videos and posts such nice comments, love y’all ♥
ALSO, my halloween MEP is now finished and will be uploaded on tuesdaaay ghsdkjlfhdlsk im so hypeedddd

Footage: Death Note
Song: cant remember right now HAHAHAH I’ll put a link here laterrrr
Inspiration: https://youtu.be/ZgRZJF9zjxk