Phineas and Ferb Death Note Opening (50 sec version)


Phineas and Ferb Death Note Opening (50 sec version)
UPDATE: I have uploaded a newer and longer version of this. It’s not finished yet, but it’s almost there. Here’s the URL:

I’ve got 50 seconds done now (for the most part). There is a shot I haven’t drawn yet, but once I get some time to work on this more, I’ll do it. I also plan to add Isabella in with the rest of the gang in one of the shots, so don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about her. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no tablet, so I’m doing all of this with a mouse and a touchpad. The characters are as follows:
Doof = Light Yagami
Perry = L
Normbot = Ryuk
Vanessa = Misa (I know that’s a little messed up, considering Misa’s obsession with Light, but for the purpose of just this animation, it kinda works)
Phineas & company = the NPA
Major Monogram = Watari
Candace = Naomi
Jeremy = Raye Penber

I don’t own Death Note or Phineas and Ferb.