TOP 9 Death Note Soundtracks


TOP 9 Death Note Soundtracks
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything seen or heard in this video.

Ok, so I was looking at my channel stats one day and saw that there was a pattern with the amount of favourites and likes for my DN extensions. Sooooo I decided to mash all the top 9 most loved soundtracks into one video!

I gotta say you guys got some gooood taste there 😉 These are such awesome songs, and now they’re together as one *nowkiss!* hahahaha.

~ I find it sadly ironic that Near’s song beats Mello’s (poor, poor Mello. He can never catch a break *givesMellochocolate* Here boy, eat your troubles away :’3 )

1. (apple)-
2. Mello’s Theme B-
3. Near’s Theme A-
4. L’s Theme B-
5. L’s Past-
6. L’s Theme A-
7. Solitude-
8. Low of Solipsism-
9. L’s Ideology-
10. Light’s Theme-