Why The Death Note Would FAIL!


Why The Death Note Would FAIL!
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“If you can’t win the game… if you can’t solve the puzzle… then you’re just a loser.” -N

In the world of “Death Note”, Kira is god- a seemingly omnipotent entity with the ability to decide who dies and how. Only the smartest might even suspect that the killings ultimately tie back to a very dedicated young adult with an otherworldly notebook and a strong sense of justice. The series follows Light Yagami as he puts his genius mind to work, dodging police suspicion and killing off criminals in order to create a perfect world. His actions raise a lot of questions about the true meaning of “justice” and how humans respond to death… But perhaps an even bigger question is “Would he still be able to pull this off in modern society?” Join Tyler at The Imaginary Axis for a journey through culture and recent history to uncover the surprising argument about why even the greatest serial killer from 14 years ago might be a minor nuisance today… and why that should scare you even more.

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